Rudolf Steiner House

Bishop of Lincoln’s Agricultural Chaplain.

Marjorie Soper to edit Star and Furrow after the resignation of Doris Davy. Great tribute to Doris Davy for her work for the last 26 years. A tray made at Sunfield and £18 for furnishing her new house was presented.

Income over £200 for the first time

Mr Munyard and Miss Edwards stood down and are not available for reelection. Mrs Davy and Mrs Courtney nominated.

A 25 gallon, £500 stirring machine from Australia was on its way paid for by a covenanted gift. G Corrin working on a similar machine.

What do to in the face of factory farming? These methods would prevail so long as the public wanted the cheapest food of any quality. Awareness was increasing of the issues.


Mr Lawrence Edwards: “Archetypal Idea and Organic Form” – ‘fascinated a large audience with an account of the mathematical accuracy displayed in the form and arrangement of sepals and petals in developing flower buds.