Rudolf Steiner House – 30 members

Postponed AGM!

G Corrin’s lectures to groups in the North and co-operation wit the SA’s experimental market garden. No results from latter for at least 2 years. “During the discussion the question of the availability of the Agriculture Course to non-members was raised and it was agreed that an ire liberal view could be taken. It was pointed out that `Dr Pfeiffer’s introduction and the practice of sending a copy of Dr Meir’s ‘Man and Earth’ with each copy of the course put the latter into proper perspective.”

“Mr Soper explained his position as agent for the Pfeiffer Field Spray and Compost Starter and there was a discussion on the relative merits of those compared with the standard preparations.”

Running at a deficit of £100 – £150 per year. Shouldn’t rely on donations. New members now at £2.10/- Existing members asked o meet this if possible.

Leicester Conference debated: “Open Forum” better than “Brains Trust.”

Mr Brockman raised the question of reporting experiments to members. Preferable to confine this to positive results. Others felt negative results equally important.


Professor Lindsay Robb: “Agriculture and Society.”