Steiner House

30 – 40 members present

Mr Evett’s removal to Shropshire – what effect on Demeter Seeds? An almost impossible undertaking unless scaled up and made commercially viable. Mr Kaye wanting a private seed distribution scheme at Forest Row to avoid legal difficulties with the Seed Act. Council to examine the work done “to preserve the strains of seeds from being lost”.

Apparent accounts anomaly explained By J Soper. He appealed again for prompt payment of subscriptions.

3 nominations to council but three vacancies to no ballot needed.

Council members are:

  • Chair and Hon Sec: D Clements
  • Treasurer: J Soper
  • AG Brockman
  • B Mansfield
  • Mrs Millet
  • Mrs Davy
  • S Rudel
  • A KAye
  • Dr CA Meir
  • Miss M Edwards
  • Lt Col Hanbury-Sparrow
  • G Corrin (Ex officio)

Were preps available to non-members? – yes through members.

Any contribution to the Centenary Year [of RS?]. To be discussed by council that evening. Urgent!

501 on wheat and grassland – lively discussion – and distribution of liquid manure. Mrs Brocklebank reported a great crop at Kilmurray in part due to 501.


Mrs Dodwell talked on “The Water Relationship of Plants” – and work in Israel, and the parallel between spiritual and orthodox science on the subject. Slides of the Holy Land.