Steiner House, London

AGM business stuff Future of BD Work. Courage needed in the face of today’s massive issues. We need to find a language with which to speak with non-anthroposophists.

Secretary worked with other in the organic sector – a lot of media after Derek Copper’s food programme in February. Raw milk campaign. Liaising with Mercury Provident regarding the financing of BD initiatives. Star and Furrow editorial team meet 8 times a year. New cover design. Dying forests exhibition. Lots of coordinating and a new logo for the association.

Fieldsman has been very busy. 70 inspections this year and 2500 miles. Also advisory visits including would-be converters. Lots of new interest including at Scottish universities. Stirring machines has made £425, mainly at Miller Brothers’ farm in Perthshire. farmer enthusiastic about the results. not enough time for the Organic Producers and Packers work.

New accountant please due to attitude of the last lot. J W Huillis of Church House Smethwick proposed and seconded.

Three vacancies – Graham Shepherd and Julian Pyzer elected.

Bio-dynamic services Ltd: Tim Clement, a director, Sales had doubled that year. Juice and Kwasz are about 195 of turnover. 60% of publications sold abroad. Dr Schaete plant care and Caradoc being courted


AGM closed and EGM opened to put proposition to the membership.

Meeting with members who had donated to the Broome Farm appeal