Steiner House, London

Chair: David Clements. Treasurer: Cecily Reilly. Acting Secretary: Mary-Ann Parsons and 40 members

Chairs report: Mildred Kirkaldy now 90. Miss Edna Williams died after doing bookstalls at so many BD events.

Treasurer: sorry to be late. LIttle Surplus. Reminder system for subscriptions. Sundries high due tp for coding practice. Accountancy high due to recent changes. Legal fees high due to new company and old trust closing. Banking costs mainly due to overseas income and sales.

Minor tweak to constitution. now consultant and /or  fieldsman 

Demeter Supplies Ltd – the main aims of the Company were to become market leader in Demeter Products, to spread awareness of the Demeter Symbol and what it represents, and to make a profit to support the work of the BDAA. Should be in profit within 36 months. Concentrates on the sale Kwasz

£28000 legacy received from Alice Burton Brown to go to 3 parts for the Association, Demeter Guild and BD Supplies ltd.

Demeter Guild – brief report from Jimmy Anderson