Rudolf Steiner House

Income down primarily due to unpaid subscriptions

Coopted member Mr Brockman elected to the council.

Due to a lot of time being taken up with enquiries about composting it was agreed to charge an entrance fee of 5/- in addition not the annual subscription fee of 30/- and each person joining to get “Handbook on Composting and the Biodynamic Preparations”.

Mr Knight of Upper Norwood, self-styled as the ‘Bio-dynamic Research Foundation’ person was in ‘The People’ of 25/11/62. Such centres bear no relation to our work. Another centre uses biodynamic in its name in Kent. should we change our name to avoid confusion? Pros and cons. Members to be consulted and ideas for a new name if that was the outcome – to be inserted in the Michaelmas issue of the Bulletin for the 1963 AGM.

Preparations packaged conveniently? Perhaps gelatinous capsules? This can be considered but many factors.

Beaumont Hall conference a great success. another in June 1964? A trip to Bavaria to see the farms described by Herr Kabisch at Beaumont


J Soper gave a talk on ‘Soil & Human health’