AAF annual report

25% of people at the guest house are there for the biodynamic work. One particular of note was lady Eve Balfour, Organising Secretary of the Soil Association whom we showed around Sunfield and Broome Farm. She returned the complement for George Adams, Carl Meir and D Clement in the Autumn act Haughley – a tour and showed the layout for the experiment of the three farming systems which has just begun – chemical, organic and traditional.

Three study weekends – much recomended

Experimental O held their annual conference at Clent in October with 40 members when the bilk of the preparations are made.

Summer meeting was in London concerning herbs in July.

In May Dr Meir visited Weleda and Miss Walters their managing director. He has given lectures all around the country and visited Germany and added their experimental O in Uchte.

Great care with finances] – fewer meetings and Mrs Brocklebank weighs every item of expenditure. Miss Edward sending out the preparations with unfailing promptness. A geographical list of members has been sent out. There has been only one double number of the Notes and Correspondence. Great difficulties keeping this kittle paper going the stere are insufficient articles and other contributions. We have decided to stop this publication for the present time.

Mr Bakers book on the honey bee has been published.

Seed club continues but not heard so much recently