Post-war Experimental Circle

the Circle met at Rudolf Steiner House in London—the first ‘reunion’ since 1942.
  • a very good attendance, to coincide with Mr. Deryck Duffy’s three agriculture lectures.
  • Dr Mier spoke for a few minutes, recalling most vividly and movingly those days twenty-one years ago when Dr Steiner gave the course, and the work of the earliest members of the Circle. We who begin with simplified instructions and ready-made preparations are apt to forget the debt we owe to these pioneers who first worked out experimentally the indications Dr Steiner gave at Koberwitz in 1924.
  • Tributes were paid to Mrs. Pease, who for so many years has been a principal support and pivot of the bio-dynamic work in this country.
  • Several members described their wartime farming and gardening experiences and Mr. Duffy gave some account of the Westhall Farm Schools, and the research work he hopes to initiate there.
  • There was a strong feeling among the members that some new positive and vigorous activity is required of us now that the paralysis of the war years is lifted. Partly as a wartime necessity this country has lately become compost-conscious, and is probably more open than it has ever been to new ways of thinking about the soil.
  • It was agreed that the Experimental Circle should, from now on, meet more frequently, and that the members should try to bring to the September meeting some definite and practical suggestions for expanding and strengthening the agricultural work.