Kimberton Farm School

Pfeiffer wrote on January 35th 1947 to Barbara Saunders-Davies about his war years

1941-43 development of Kimberton Farm and School.

It had a promising start but the agricultural school was handicapped when the drafting business started. Then this dreadful policy here in America started which in effect has ruined all schooling and learning. The slogan ‘Earn while you Learn’ which was brought up by the labour hungry industry.  Beginners being paid top wages and gratis courses. Then came the G.J. practices to pay college studies to GJ and veterans but only of recognised colleges. Since we cannot afford to pay full salaries to our students they don’t come any more. The youth here is completely corrupted as far as money is concerned. Everything is considered only from this point of view, not a trace of idealism. All learning here is only ‘professional’ in order to make money. Very few true scholars.

Well, exit the school idea. Then it appeared in 1943 that the owner of KF became more and more hostile, (the sponsor turned into a shark) and this lead to our separation under rather depressing circumstances.