Johan Simon Streicher

Digitalis + artificials

Peter Selg reported on p 40-1 of ‘The Agriculture Course, Koberwtiz, Whitsun 1924: Rudolf Steiner and the beginnings of biodynamics. Temple Lodge 2010. ISBN 978 1 906999 08 7’ :

Johann Simon Streicher, too, who had asked Rudolf Steiner in the autumn of 1920-during the first Dornach School of Spiritual Science course about the relative merits of mineral fertilizer, worked in subsequent years at the Stuttgart research centre of the Clinical-Therapeutic Institute on a fertilizer salt mixture containing potassium and magnesium together with a digitalis extract. According to Streicher, this modified mineral fertilizer was first used in the spring of 1923 on the estates of Der Kommende Tag, but was also successfully applied by Ernst Stegemann at Marienstein especially to the latter’s grain fields