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  • Katherine Castelliz’s death – Alan Brockman

April 20th, 1997. We mourn. We now have to fill the gap to the Dornach Section. Who?

  • Rainmaking – Miles Heasman
  • Hungary Lane gate
  • Drought, Moon, 500
  • Development of the ExpO

Alan Brockman – Development of the work of the Experimental Circle

The problem of the nut confronts us in all realms of life i.e. Is the shell too strong for the kernel or the kernel too strong for the shell? In biodynamic work the shell can easily take over and we lose ourselves in activity and organisation outwardly in our practical work. The Circle, as I understand it is to act as a inspirational centre for our work a strong kernel from which forms can radiate into our doing. A strong moral impulse lies at the heart of Anthroposophy and with it a feeling of responsibility to further it and its off shoots.

Undoubtedly our work on the land creates centres, foci of forces around which activities and interests can be kindled. We are dealing with living forms, our imaginations, hopes, fears, if lived with are also formative powers. If they weren’t prayers would be useless. The land needs people and people need the land. In this country we need examples for people to actually see. Perhaps our greatest efforts should be directed to making our own work on the land an inspiration and allowing others to see it. Area groups could foster this with exchange visits, meetings etc. Can members think how local active groups of the Circle could start or be started. This would then draw in the rising generation and our work would be strengthened. Who will volunteer to form local ‘circle’ groups. We had a very successful one in the south east many years ago before the ‘go west’ move got underway.

  • Annual Conference – Perry Court Farm October 24th