BDA Council 11-45

BDA Council 11/1945

Farmer’s Club, 3 Whitehall Court London SW1

Present: Miss Cross, Lady MacKinnon, and Mr Ferguson (Chair), Mr Rolf Gardiner, Mr Murray-Usher

  • BD Farming and Gardening English by Faber and Faber likely. Eve Balfour consented to write a foreword. EP OK and hoping it would be ready by Christmas
  • 30 Copies of The Practical Guide sent to universities
  • Advisory visitor for market gardens raised. Mr Bacchus could undertake these. Chair to talk with him. 2 guineas a pop.
  • Newsheet 18 had the wrong date on it. New members should get the old back-copies.
  • Miss Cross and Lady MacKinnon should be relieved of some of the pressure of their work load. Mr Murray Usher Would liaise.
  • Lord Northbourne should be asked to fill a vacancy on the council.