Steiner House

30 – 40 members

Mr Mansfield, the treasurer, said they were working with very narrow margins so there was no scope for ‘projects which should be tackled by the association.’

Mrs Brocklebank and Felix Lambe elected to the council

Mr Collis showed a series of beautiful coloured slides of Mrs Geuter’s seed garden adn of Broome Farm, and of steep Austrian and Swiss mountainsides. Dr Meir had photos of Botton Hall and ‘the farms which comprise the Botton Hall Village Trust.’ Mr Collis finished with photos of the Jura mountains and the Goetheanum – the latter ‘could be seen to follow the line of the rock formations.’

MRs Geuter spoke of the urgency to produce BD seeds. “… there should be a greater will to understand the working of what are known as the elementary beings manifesting in the Forces of Nature if this kind of work can progress.”

Mr Anthony Kaye spoke of growing interest in Holle Baby Foods