Hawkwood College, Stroud, Gloucestershire

Chair: Mildred Grange Kirkcaldy just passed on. Bernard Jarman reported that Jutta Patterson was now full time secretary, Charlie Wannop is the ‘facilitator’. Books now through Botton Bookshop.

Jim Willets asked about the BD research going on elsewhere.

Aims of the Council and the BDAA outlined by Bernard: “to investigate Agricultural issues and questions in the light of Spiritual Science, to encourage and promote further understanding of Bio-dynamic Production, to initiate and support activities which develop and demonstrate these methods.”

Mathias Guepin suggested dropping SnF adn just putting articles into other magazines. 

Hamish Mackay (treasurer) – shall we malamute the various small pockets of money in the balance sheet? – the Biodynamic Accumulated Funds? Explain this in the newsiest. If Tablehurst needs support it needs to present a clear proposal. “Gestures’ by the association if in accordance with the aims of the Council. No precedent for this.

Manhattan CSA


Karin Herms: The Spiritual Background of Seed Development.”