Rudolf Steiner House with 30 members

Chairs report. BOF (British Organic Farmers) and OGA (Organic Growers Association) formed and BDA played a part. Forthcoming trip to German and Holland – a discussion. The new re-election restrictions should bring new blood forward. Recommended John Sopers new book and thanks to John Soper for donating the book to the BDAA. Thanks to all officers.

Treasurer not available but a report available. Reduced the liability of the BDAA to the Trust. Accounts did not reflect £2000 said to the trust – take this up with the auditor.

Mattias Guepin, Miles Heasman and Bernard Jarman nominated and replace Jimmy Anderson, Alan Brockman, Katherine CAstelliz and Molly Courtney.

Conferences: Costs and location discussed. “Healing through Nutrition” garnered the most interest of various suggestions. Speakers? Dr Lotte Sahlman, Dr Ralph Twentyman. Mrs Joan Rudel.

Trip to Europe. Dr Koepf suggested first week of July.



John Wilkes: “Research on Rhythms in Water”