At Rudolf Steiner House – Mrs Brocklebank in the chair, who reported the death of D Pfeiffer and called upon Miss Saunders Davies to pay tribute. Members stood in silence, also for Deryck Duffy who died on September 1st.

Hon Sec was on tour in the USA.

Miss Castelliz nominated to take the place of Mrs Geuter who had resigned

  • Chair and Hon Sec: D Clements
  • Hon Treasurer: J Soper
  • AG Brockman – Coopted
  • Brocklebank – Coopted
  • B Mansfield
  • Mrs Millet
  • Mrs W Wells
  • S Rudel
  • AV Kaye
  • Miss Castelliz
  • Dr CA Meir
  • Miss M Edwards
  • Lt Col Hanbury-Sparrow
  • G Corrin (Ex officio)
  • Mrs Davy (Ex officio)

Mrs Boote expressed concern that Lady Chance’s name no longer appeared on the Council and asked the Council to consider coopting her – supported by Miss Saunders Davies

Lady Chance noted the considerable work of John Soper

Meeting praised the high standard of Star and Furrow – and thanks Mrs Davy

A petition sponsored by some of the Gloucester/Stroud group appealed to the Government that labels on produced are clear if poisonous fungicides and pesticides had been used.

Members to be polled about moving the meeting to November.


Lecture by H Heitler ‘The Scientist in the 20th Century’. All seats in room taken – Atomic matters & fallout being topical. Traced the pattern of scientific observation during the past 500 years emphasising the importance of the introduction of the will permeated thinking into astronomical observation. Lead to the concept of the expanding universe and its boundary beyond which we cannot know. Then to the idea of the infinitely small – atomic structure and Heisenberg’s theory of indeterminacy: what are the spiritual implications of such study? “Nature has taken up what we introduced centuries ago as will-permeated abstract thought, and now gives in back to us from under the threshold, but as yet we do not recognise it.”