AAF – 7th AGM


From Notes and Correspondence No.5 -Feb 1936

70-80 attended – chair G Kaufmann (Adams), Drs Wegman and Vreede and N Glas attended from abroad

C Mirbt moved to Broome farm late 1934 – took on office work from Mrs Pease at Bray

Short address by Vreede giving encouragement for AAF to establish its own being in England due to difference in Gen AS in UK & sep from Ag Section.

Death of previous chair DN Dunlop. M Pease Hon Sec.

1934 approx 165 members: clear out of lost connection plus 30 new =146 in 1935

– Miss Mianland helped admin

– BD Summer school at Harrogate

– plus visit to Huby and biological dynamic wheaten bread.

– Lloyd Wilson hon treasurer.

– AAF no longer in B’ham so mr Wheeler elected hon Treasurer and Mrs CB (Doris) Davy too.

– Financial support to Mrs Kolisko to continue her work in Stuttgart (£13).

– WJ Stein gave lecture on Geothe and metamorphosis of plant

– report by Charles Davy.