Invitation from Patrick MacManaway

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Invitation from Patrick MacManaway

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Dear Friends !

Greetings of the Festive Season impending... hoping that all will be enjoying feasting family and friends.

Quick easy and fun project that I want to offer out to any who might be inclined to help focus and cultivate hearts and minds through the time of close sharing that the Solstice bring to us this time of year -

• weigh out two samples of seeds for sprouting as near the same as you can manage

• germinate them in separate trays under the same conditions of sunlight and water

• imbue one tray only with all the love and blessings that you can muster, as often as you think or feel to do it

• weigh the germinated sprouts after a few days have gone by and look for differences in weight, root and shoot development

• let me know how you get on and I shall share any results that we all achieve...


Enjoy the turn of the tide and do let me know how your sprouts grow,

all blessings