This board is for sharing results, experiences, concerns and thoughts on preparations - biodynamic or not - for use on plants and soils. These do not include 'peppers'.
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Musing with a colleague about 505 and why a domesticated animal skull is used ... -an-animal

Interesting that (some / all ??) domesticated skulls are noticeably different!!! ... re-course/ p193

"Then we find the indication that the crumb-like bark must be pressed into the cranium of a domesticated animal. He specifies that it is of little importance which animal’s cranium is used, but he specifies that it must be ‘domestic’ and this, of course, can not be unimportant. The fact that an animal is domestic actually means that it has renounced its natural way of being, and its proximity to the human means it is acquiring a universal character. The old-time wild dogs preyed upon sheep and now, renouncing this way of being, have turned into shepherds’ dogs and protect the sheep. They have been able to adapt to the needs of man and become an indispensable support in a situation of objective difficulties, as in the case of dogs for the Blind. Similarly this preparation supports the plant to take within itself - into the area of flowering and fruiting - only those forces (quality) that will be able to be transformed in order to nourish the higher realms of nature, and not only enough forces (quantity) to produce the seed suitable for a new life cycle. We could say that 505 marks the transition between selfishness and altruism for a plant. It corresponds to the ‘Guardian of the threshold’ in human spiritual development."

Denis Klocek also has some insight into this preparation, ie that Calcium, usually the greedy grabber, in both the cranium and the oak bark has become peripheral and more silicious in its gesture. This reversal suggests some role in the transition from the etheric-dominated growth phase to the mainly catabolic maturation phase 'without shock'.

Thoughts invited ....