Potentising dynamics ...

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Potentising dynamics ...

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Silica – Substance and Process

Dennis Klocek
Because, in the medical lectures Rudolf Steiner makes a very interesting point. He says, homeopathically, if you take silica and you potentize it, and you keep potentizing it until you have lost all of the substance in your potentizing, when you’ve lost the substance, you’re just left with the agent, the force. That point is the zero point. If you keep potentizing, further – surprise, surprise – what comes up is, in its effect, calcium. When the substance leaves off, then you have a calcium process . . . it acts like calcium. Silica acts like calcium when you get it potentized to the null point.

And he says even further, if you keep potentizing, it gets to the null point again on the negative side and flips back into the first substance, only at a more potent level. Now, we’re talking about some pretty slippery characters here. They’re going in and out the door all the time. So the way he describes it is very interesting. He describes it in a picture. He says, if you’re a millionaire, you had a million dollars and you start spending your million, you just keep spending and you reach a null point. But you keep spending. We all know that one! We keep spending . . . and you are still engaged in the same process that is spending, but now your status has changed. You are now a debtor, but you keep on spending. This is a picture of a substance that has been potentized to the null point. It is still the same substance only its effects are the opposite. Like the modern concepts of deficit spending or establishing a line of credit, something has changed but we don’t have a conscious grasp of the change because we are still engaged in business as usual. Much in modern life is filled with this alchemy.