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Homoeopathic drugs can control genetic processes by quantum

Posted: 03 Nov 2014, 13:10
by Mark
Research study on effects of homoeopathic drugs on plants was initiated at Central Institute for Research on Cotton Technology (Indian Council of Agricultural Research) at Mumbai. Investigation of water medicated with homoeopathic drugs indicated that D.C. voltages develop as soon as drugs are added in electrically neutral distilled water. Preliminary experiments revealed that it was possible to control genetic processes like germination, flowering etc of cotton plants with the help of medicated water containing homoeopathic drugs. Further investigation of this medicated water revealed that such medicated water emits electro-magnetic waves oscillating at very high frequencies in the range of GHz. Present study has been undertaken to find out what changes occur when this medicated water penetrates the seeds. For this purpose, electronic properties of cotton and mung bean (Vigna radiata) seeds immersed in pure water and those in the medicated water were investigated with the help of Spectrum Analyzer. Seeds immersed in pure water were found emitting electro-magnetic waves (signals) during germination. The centre frequency and spectrum of waves from cotton seeds were increased when immersed in medicated water. It increased the rate of germination of medicated seeds. In case of mung bean seeds, vice versa happened. Rate of germination decreased with decrease in centre frequency and spectrum of waves from mung bean seeds when immersed in medicated water. It can be concluded that electro-magnetic waves from homoeopathic drugs, carried by medicated water within the cell, controlled genetic processes originating from specific genes by heterodyning with signals emanating from them.