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Posted: 28 Oct 2013, 18:03
by Mark
I spent last weekend learning to tune in to those intuitions and sensations that are usually suppressed. The workshop was guided by Frank Burdich. I learned that he has developed his own sensitivity to investigate potentised and dynamised preparations and remedies. He gave a lecture on this subject just this last night. Fascinating! His research page says:
The scientific practice of Anthroposophy is based on coherent and rigorous research methods that lead to reproducible results in such areas as homeopathy, plant based medicines, food quality and eurythmy, as well as the effects of machines and the supersensible environment on the human being. Further development of the methods and training of supersensible perception is also an essential area of research.

The research is applicable in assessing qualitative processes, products and locations, as well as qualitative changes in substances and products in the production and manufacturing process. Studies can be undertaken to address questions relating to raw materials, process optimisation and efficacy analysis as well as specific questions regarding the living and working environment.
Keep an eye out for this developing and rigorous work!