Coccinella and Helix tosta results

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Coccinella and Helix tosta results

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Hi all - reporting on use of the above remedies

A colleague and i planted a rosebed of 65-70 roses under a mature sycamore tree last autumn. When the tree came into leaf, it was infested with aphids which were falling down on the roses. I gave one application of coccinella at the recommended rate over 3 months ago and the roses are clear. There were a couple of minor outbreaks since, but by then there were ladybirds around, so i let nature take over. Secondly, there was a perennial bed with blocks of hellebores which were literally crawling with aphids - i havent seen anything this bad. I applied the remedy and the next day the aphids were dead (dont understand how) and the plants have been clear since. My work colleagues are sceptical of homeopathy and are in to spraying pesticides - after showing these results to them, they have stopped.

Helix tosta
I planted an annual bed in a garden in an area where there were lots of slugs/snails. Marigolds, verbena, cosmos and salvia were planted - ie slug caviar! One application of helix tosta was applied and 2 months later, the plants are perfect. I showed the plants to the owner of a garden centre i used to work in and he is very keen to explore the use of the remedies commercially. Ive also mentioned it to a nursery owner and have given remedies to a public garden, so am very hopeful that there will be more use of the remedies in the west of ireland.