Glen's cabbage

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Glen's cabbage

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Homeopathic Plant control.......Here is a cabbage planted at mid summer - hottest time and most white cabbage butterfly grubs. I used this plant for a 'insect control experiment'. Outside leaves show the ' protection' from a experimental homeopathic remedy - when it 'ran out' the middle of the plant was attacked by grubs again. (The ring of eaten leaves) When I saw it was beginning to head - which we want to eat - I sprayed with a combo homeopathic remedy. This picture is 3 weeks later - a clean centre.

The aim of this photo is to show the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies, but also to show that a plant can be significantly influenced in its growth process, at any stage of its development, by very subtle things. eg IS 'seed chaos' effect ONLY possible at germination?

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