Dr Murthi's breakthrough

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Dr Murthi's breakthrough

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A big break – through in Homoeopathy in Agriculture.

Any medicinal substance becomes the curative i.e can act in a proper direction, when there is similarity in the disease symptoms ( of the patient to be cured ) to those of the symptoms produced by the medicinal substance (when tested on the healthy human beings i.e provings.)this is the Law of Similars.

In the case of plants, provings are not possible as they are not aimed at curing of diseases. When these are aimed at providing nutrition, there should be similarity to make them “homoeopathic”.Plants require N.P.K.,Micro nutrients, Auxins, Amino Acids and so on. The medicinal substance also should have these in total, to make it Homoeopathic to the plant under treatment. This is rather a difficult task to achieve. With over a long period of 33 years of study of the various books on plants used in homoeopathy, this could be made possible under the limitation of using only Botanical substances ( purely vegetable origin ), to make them purely organic.

Many products released by me have been tested at T.N Agrl University at Coimbatore, for their contents of NPK and micro - nutrients to the possible extent and found to contain them in certain levels though the content of plant substance is only 1/10 12 to 1/10 60(after potentisation). Thus it can safely and surely be declared that they are “homoeopathic”. This is the first time in the world (as far as my knowledge goes) to find the contents of NPK, micro nutrients etc in a potentised – homoeo medicine. (That too in combination with several drugs of different potencies).and these proved the “Homoeopathicity” of the product, to the plant to be treated. A copy of one such report of analysis is enclosed for a clear understanding.

Later, it is found that Gibberellin, 2-4-D, 2-4 Trichlorophenoxyacetic acid, Absesic Acid and about 10 Amino Acids in addition to NPK and several micro nutrients, Phospholipids,Glycosides, Proteins, Enzymes etc.. are available in certain plants used in Homoeopathy. Summarizing these contents we have -

S.l Plant Contents
1. A - N, P, Ca, Mg
2. B - N, P, K, S, Fe
3. C - K
4. D - P
5. E - N, P Fe
6. F - Boron
7. G - Mn
8. H - Silica
9. I - Zn s
10. J - Abscesic Acid, Gibberellic Acid
Abscisin II
11. K - Salicylic Acid
12. L - Benzoic Acid
13. M - 2-4,D; 2,4,5 – trichloro-
14. N - 10 Amino Acids

Formulations with above nutrients in different combinations have been brought out for different crops after conducting repeated field trials for the compatibility of the drugs, among themselves, and with the plants under treatment and scientific experiments. The hypothetical conclusions are thus shed off and more homoeopathic and scientific reasoning could be established.

Now the results are far better than the earlier ones and spectacular growth & yields are promising, paving way for a better & safer organic farming without losing yields, if not more. Of course, this is not the end, but only a beginning of a
New Era Plant Nutrition.


I here with reproduce the writings of one great Master while dealing with Esoteric Healing.
“There is nothing but energy and this energy manifests itself as many differing and varying energies. Of these many energies, the universe is composed. Likewise man’s bodies or vehicles of manifestation (even the plants – G.S.R) are without exception constituted of energy units. These we call atoms, and these atomic units are held together in body form by the coherent force of more potent energies”. Disease is an inhibition of free flow of energies.
A Homoeo medicine when potentized transforms into an energy. The physiological chemicals, compounds etc. present in the specimen plant are all converted into one energy. This is aimed at helping the vital force and not the physical body parts. One can’t say that Hahnemann did not have an insight on the energies and their utility in the healing art, though he did not express in his writings. He perceived that the disease is in the form of force and that a force only can deal with another force and hence developed the potentization to aid the vital force. This alone stands supreme of all the healing arts on the planet.
Every living being is endowed with a force to protect itself from the onslaught of antagonistic forces. This self protecting force is called “Vital force” by Hahnemann. It is only when the disease force is able to overcome the vital force, the disease force takes hold of the body and subjects it to various sufferings which are known as symptoms. It takes some time to establish and start damaging the functions of the organism. This is the incubation period as called by the scientists.
This vital force which is succumbed to the disease force is to be rejuvenated or strengthened, to enable it to overcome the disease force ( similar to that of the vital force in its distorted condition). In other words, the needs of the affected force are to be fulfilled to enable it to regain its original strength to combat the disease force, by an agent called the medicinal force.
Symbolically, it can be understood by considering it as a tree, and the symptoms of the disease as branches. If the symptoms are removed, (cut the branches), the branches come up again and again. When the cause is in the roots and any correction should be at the roots, so that the inhibitions in the free flow of energies are corrected to make it to function healthily.

Application of Homoeo to the vegetable kingdom :

Homoeo nutrients :
Applying this theory to the vegetable kingdom, it can be considered that the plant also has a vital force. In certain circumstances, the plant behaves differently which are understood as deficiencies. But they are due to certain inhibitions to the free flow of energies in the system. These inhibitions can take hold only after the plant’s vital force is affected. Local correction of individual signs (understood as deficiencies) may also palliate or made to disappear, but is not restored to health. The better approach is to assist the vital force, make it healthy to enable it to free itself

from the inhibitions. This allows free flow of energies and judiciously take up the required nutrition, assimilate and grow healthily. In other words the metabolism is corrected.
This phenomenon can be observed in case of perennial plants with good longevity. In crops, it is very difficult to observe because of its short period of life – 100 days to 170 days.
Thus after several observations, studies, experiments, scientific experiments and field trials in farmers’ fields, several formulations of plant nutrients with Homoeopathic medicines, have been developed for floriculture, horticulture and dry and wet land crops.

Healthy soil :
A healthy living soil is the first essential towards rising of general standards of crops and their yields. It is a mistake to consider the soil is inert and that unless fertilizers are added because of uptake of “X” kg of nutrition by “A” crop etc.. Nature’s arrangement is such that the soil needs no additional fertilization. After the child is born, you are not supposed to leave it to nature. It is required to nurture the child for a healthy growth. Similarly, the soils are also to be nurtured to make it suitable for crops with the material available in nature – that is organic farming. This need also arose because of high yielding varieties & hybrids – unnaturally developed seeds. The soil bacteria, microbes, earth worms, atmospheric nitrogen, terrestrial, solar and cosmic energies are all present to replenish the soils and to compensate the losses due to uptake by a crop. As we are to grow more to meet the need of the growing population the soils are to be enriched naturally.

Soil nutrition :
Two main composts Nadep & Vermi composts are good enough to
enrich the soil physiologically.
There are certain plants like “ Yarrow” which are capable enough to attract these solar, terrestrial and cosmic energies into the soil improving the soil status and humus. This is achieved by potentizing these plant substances and applying to the soil.
These plant substances are potentized and applied to the compost before and after taking out of the tanks and stored. These compost activisers enrich the compost to such an extent that 2 tons of compost alone instead of 8 tonnes recommended is capable of giving same yield in Rice crop, as that of chemical fertilizers. This is proved in scientific experimentation for more than 3 years. This improves the humus & simultaneously enriches.

Plant Nutrition :
Homoeopathic plant nutrients do serve effectively in improving the health of the plants as well as giving yields AT PAR with chemical fertilizers. In all the experiments, no other nutrition was given and the crops were raised only with Homoeo Nutrients.