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Hahnemann and influences upon him

Posted: 11 Nov 2014, 07:42
by Mark
Hahnemann in Sibiu: possible influence of the ideas of Baron d’Holbach

The present paper discusses the possible influence that the 1777-79 stay in Sibiu, at Baron of
Brukenthal’s palace, might have had on Samuel Hahnemann’s early training. In this context, an
analysis of the contents of Baron of Brukenthal’s Library as depicted in a catalog to which
Hahnemann contributed was performed. Data suggest that Hahnemann was particularly
interested in the ideas of Baron d’Holbach. The Appendix describes all the works related to
Medicine and Natural Philosophy listed in the catalog.

Keywords: Homeopathy; History; Early influences of Hahnemann; Sibiu/Hermannstadt;