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Homeopathy in Agriculture

Posted: 09 Nov 2014, 07:19
by Mark

Mark Moodie

I understand that Dr Bonato asked me to talk for two reasons. The first is that I gave
myself permission to arrange the first international conference two years ago and this talk
is a way to pass on the baton and maintain some continuity. The second is to offer one
person’s view of the activity beyond South America in the field of homeopathy for plants.
I’m not aware of one single person who has a comprehensive view, and I am aware of
huge holes in my own knowledge, but I will briefly mention several interesting centres of
practice on foreign shores. I have given myself permission to add a third strand to this talk,
and that concerns the very fact that there is a department for studying homeopathy for
plants here in a Brazilian university and the view looking in on that very fact from beyond