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Vitalistic Agriculture

Posted: 11 Nov 2014, 17:06
by Mark
Vitalistic Agriculture – The Art of Homeopathy in Agriculture

Fabricio Rossi

Agro-Homeopathy is one of the sciences based on vitalism and on agro-ecological principles,
dedicated to understanding nature, it’s biodiversity, biological cycles and interactions, and
principally it’s vital energy (Fig. 1). Vitalistic agriculture is the application of agro-ecological basics
and the vital force or principle which rules nature. It is employed in the organization of the
agro-ecosystem, and is used in the production of healthy food within a dynamic equilibrium. This
agricultural perspective comprehends the principle of life and death (vital energy) and thereby
knows that both states of the material concept are essential for a productive system with low
energetic costs. (ROSSI, 2005).