Magonia potencies on sorghum

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Magonia potencies on sorghum

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High dilutions of Magonia pubescens hidrogel affect germination variables in Sorghum bicolor L. Moench

Carlos Moacir Bonato, Beatriz Rigon, Aleandro Ferreira de Souza, Carolina Bertuzzi Pereira, Bruno Reis.

Introduction: In science homeopathic diseases or physiological disorders are not considered just a result of
abiotic and biotic factors, but rather a consequence of loss of organic system homeostasis. Homeopathic
science is currently being used efficiently in the control of plagues[1], plant diseases[2], in the increase of
medicinal plants’ active principles[3] and in plant metabolism[4,5]. Although actual results, both in the
academic and field-level, very little is known about physiological mechanisms action of homeopathic medicine
on germination process[6]. This work aims to study the effect of M. pubescens hydrogel, on some physiological
variables of sorghum germination (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench).