Acetone and oats

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Acetone and oats

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High dilutions of acetone affect the Avena sativa growth in vitro

Bruno Reis, Rosimar Maria Marques, Hingrid Ariane da Silva, Mayara Assumpção Lolis, Flavia Carolina Moreira, Kely Karina Belato, Carlos Moacir Bonato

Introduction: Acetone is an organic solvent with molecular structure CH3(CO)CH3, its endogenous
production in the animal body is called ketosis. The production of this compound increases with the fat.
Acetone influences the lipid membrane, altering its fluidity and lipid composition [1], causing cell damage and
leakage and can cause cell death. The use of herbicides in organic farming is not accepted by the Brazilian
legislation [2]. So the weed control becomes a problem for organic farmers. The aim of this study is to evaluate
the herbicide potential of high dilutions of acetone on Avena sativa L.