Sorghum and Ars Alb 2

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Sorghum and Ars Alb 2

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Germination and vigour of seed of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench) treated with Arsenicum album

Rosimar Maria Marques, Bruno Reis, Anielen Cassia Tormena Cavazin, Flávia Carolina Moreira, Monica Buchoski, Hingrid Ariane Silva, Mayara Lolis, Carlos Moacir Bonato

Introduction: The accelerated aging test evaluates the behavior of seeds exposed to stress conditions based
on the fact that the rate of deterioration is considerably increased by exposure to high temperature and
relative humidity [1]. The knowledge acquired in homeopathic science is experimental research on healthy
living organisms that are undergoing experimentation using homeopathic medicines [2]. The experimental
research on homeopathic plants has been performed in Europe, Mexico, India and Brazil, proving that the
principle of homeopathy, as set out in the animal kingdom has been found in plants [3]. This experiment
aimed to evaluate the effect of the homeopathic Arsenicum album in decimal (x) and centesimal (cH) scale on
the physiological variables of the germination and growth of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L.) subjected to
accelerated aging.