Sorghum and Ars alb

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Sorghum and Ars alb

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Physiological response of sorghum seeds treated with Arsenicum album submitted to low temperature

Rosimar Maria Marques, Bruno Reis, Anielen Cassia Tormena Cavazin, Flávia Carolina Moreira, Hingrid Ariane Silva, Monica Gomes Buchoski, Mayara Assumpção Lolis, Carlos Moacir Bonato

Introduction: Temperature is one of the main environmental factors that act on plants, affecting
physiological processes such as germination and vigor, growth, photosynthesis, water and nutrients uptake,
among others [1]. When seeds are exposed to temperature stress during imbibition process occur dramatic
changes in the reorganization and function of the plasma membrane impairing the stability and functional
structure of the membrane resulting in the decrease on germination and embryo death [2][3]. In plant, stress
triggers wide response that extends from the change of gene expression and cell metabolism to changes in
growth rate and productivity. The organism’s reaction is a function of plant capacity to produce effects
opposite to the action of stressors [4].

Aim: the purpose of this study was to evaluate high dilution effect of Arsenicum album on physiological
variables of germination and growth of sorghum.