Radish germination

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Radish germination

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Germination of radish seeds (Raphanus sativus) treated with homeopathic drugs.

Marcelo Felipe Bezerra Donadon, Euclides Davidson Bueno Romano, Walkiria Ruiz de Pinho, Marina Lopes Vieira de Souza, Pedro Henrique Alcalde do Nascimento, Maria do Rocio Lázaro Rodrigues, Solange Monteiro de Toledo Piza Gomes Carneiro

The radish is a short cycle crop, since it is harvested at 25-30 days after direct sowing. Under the economic
point of view it is an important species, but there are few studies on germination of radish seeds. The
objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of high diluted substances on the germination of radish seeds.
The trial was conducted at the Agricultural Research Institute of Paraná (IAPAR) in Londrina / Paraná. It
was used a pesticide free cultivar named Cometa. The treatments were: Bryonia, hydroalcoholic solution,
Arnica montana, Cina and Lupine + Oat, all of them diluted and agitated at 9x; distilled water and agitated
distilled water were used as controls. The mother tincture of Lupine + Oat was prepared from plants collected
at the experimental station of IAPAR in Londrina. The mother tincture and all treatments were prepared
according to the guidelines in the Brazilian Homeopathic Pharmacopeia, Part I [1]. The agitations of the
treatments were made by a mechanical equipment, model Denise 10-50 manufactured by Autic. The water
was distilled the day before preparing the treatments. The experiment was performed with 300 seeds per
treatment. The seeds were placed in gerbox with germitest paper, and 50 gerbox were used per treatment,
with six seeds in each gerbox. The germitest papers were moistened with the treatments and the seeds were
soaked for 2 hours previously set up the experiment. The substances in high dilutions were agitated 100 times
on the machine before soaking the seeds and moistening the germitest paper. The experimental design was
entirely randomized and the gerbox were kept at the bench at the Laboratory of Plant Protection of IAPAR. A
person not involved in conduct of the experiment coded (blinded) the treatments solutions with a random
letter code. The code was kept secret until all measurements and data processing were finished. Seeds were
observed daily for germination and counted only those considered germinated. Seeds were considered
germinated when the radicle was at least two millimeters length. Arnica montana 9x increased 5.9% the seed
germination when compared with distilled water.

Keywords: Raphanus sativus, high dilutions, germination, homeopathic drugs.