Lettuce germination around toxic aluminium

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Lettuce germination around toxic aluminium

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Germination and vigor of lettuce seeds (Lactuca sativa L.) pelleted with homeopathic preparations Alumina and Calcarea carbonica subjected to toxic levels of aluminum.

Filipe Pereira Giardini Bonfim, Rosana Gonçalves Rodrigues das Dores, Ernane Ronie Martins, Vicente Wagner Dias Casali

ABSTRACT Background: aluminum toxicity is the most important factor limiting the growth of plants in
acid soils, whereas current treatments are unfeasible. For this reason, alternatives are sought for,
among which homeopathic treatment. Aims: this study aimed at evaluating the influence of
homeopathic preparations Alumina 6cH, Alumina 12cH, Calcarea carbonica 6cH and Calcarea
carbonica 12cH on the germination and vigor of lettuce seeds subjected to toxic levels of
aluminum in paper-solution. At the same time, it was sought to develop a new procedure to apply
homeopathic preparations in plants (pelleting). Methods: the statistical design was entirely
randomized (CRD) with 6 treatments and 4 repetitions. Treatments included: 1) pelleted
seeds/talc + Alum 6 cH; 2) pelleted seeds/talc + Alum 12cH; 3) pelleted seed/talc + Calc 6cH; 4)
pelleted seeds/talc + Calc 12cH; 5) pelleted seeds/talc + distilled water; 6) non pelleted seeds
(control). Variables evaluated were: germination percentage (GP), germination speed index (GSI)
and radicle length (RL). Results: there was significant difference in GSI and RL – variables that
reflect the vigor of seeds - between the samples treated with homeopathic preparations and the
controls Conclusions: homeopathic preparations Alumina 6cH and 12cH and Calcarea carbonica
6cH and 12cH had significant effect on the vigor of lettuce seeds subjected to stress conditions.

Keywords: Aluminum toxicity; Homeopathic preparations; Lettuce; Germination; Vigor; Pelleted