Arnica and rosemary and Lippia rooting

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Arnica and rosemary and Lippia rooting

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Use of homeopathic Arnica montana for the issuance of roots of Rosmarinus officinalis L. and Lippia alba (Mill) N.E.Br.

Filipe Pereira Giardini Bonfim; Ernane Ronie Martins (PhD); Rosana Gonçalves Rodrigues das Dores(PhD); Camila Karen Reis Barbosa; Vicente Wagner Dias Casali(PhD); Isabela Cristina Gomes Honório

Abstract: This study sought to evaluate the influence of dilutions of the homeopathic preparation Arnica
montana on the rooting of rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) and white Lippia (Lippia alba).
Cuttings of R. officinalis and Lippia alba were place for rooting in trays of commercial substrate
“plantmax”-like and soon after, subjected to daily applications of Arnica montana 3cH, 6cH, 9cH
and 12cH and two controls – distilled water and ethanol 70%. Statistical design was entirely
casualized delineation, with 6 treatments and 4 repetitions, each experimental unit was
composed by 10 stakes. Applications were made via pulverization, 10 drops of the treatment in
400 ml of water. 45 days later the number of roots, the number of shoots, the length of the largest
root, the percentage of sets and the quality of stakes were assessed. Data were analyzed through
variance analysis, mean were compared by Tukey’s test at 5% level of statistical significance.
Arnica montana 3cH, 6cH and 12cH had a stimulatory effect on all variables regarding the
issuance of roots in both species studied, showing the similarity of this homeopathic preparation
to the physiological picture arising from the process of cutting, promoting an increase in the
percentage and quality of roots.

Keywords: Homeopathy; rooting; cutting; Arnica Montana