Cress germination and electrohomeopathy

Research papers concerning agrohomeopathy, homeopathy (if relevant), potentised BD remedies and so forth.
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Cress germination and electrohomeopathy

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Electromagnetic transference of molecular information in garden cress germination

Romana Ruzic (PhD), Igor Jerman (PhD), Metod Skarja (PhD), Robert T. Leskovar (PhD), Lea Mogilnicki

We followed the hypothesis that biologically relevant information from various substances can be
non-chemically transferred to organisms through the combination of a high voltage electric field
that can stably imprint information into water or a water solution. A special device was
constructed and a thoroughly tested biological sensor system (cress seedlings exposed to heat
stress) was used. Results showed biological effects of electrically imprinted information of
biologically active substances into water solutions, however not necessarily with an obvious
connection to the effects of the original (donor) substance. The growth reaction of cress seedlings
was either stimulatory or inhibitory depending on the time of application.

Keywords: molecular information, electromagnetic transfer, heat stress, herbicide, cytokine,
cress, germination