Photosynthesis stability and Apis Mel 6C

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Photosynthesis stability and Apis Mel 6C

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Repeatibility of CO2 Assimilation Data in Plants of Sphagneticola trilobata Treated with Apis Mellifica 6CH

M.R. Batirola da Silva; R.T. Batirola da Silva; V.W. Dias Casali.

Homeopathic solutions may influence the rate of photosynthesis Sphagneticola trilobata plants.
CO2 assimilation of 3 replicates of cloned plants along 20 consecutive minutes was quantified
through the Infra Red Gas Analyzer after application of Apis mellifica 6CH and distilled water
(control). Repeatibility analysis were performed through GENES program after variance analysis.
Repeatibility coefficient of CO2 results was 99% meaning that the differences between control and
treated plants results were kept along 20 determinations. Stability results of CO2 assimilation were
greater in plants treated with Apis mellifica as compared to control.