Lachesis and isopathy on infection in sorghum

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Lachesis and isopathy on infection in sorghum

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The Application of the Homoeopathic Drugs Lachesis and Isotherapic Virus in the Growth and Infection Control for SCMV in Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) Plants

C.M.Bonato ; E. Gobo Viotto; J. Hideaki Hara; B. Reis; A.T. Myzote; J.A. Cisneiros.

The aim of this research was to analyze the effect of homoeopathic drugs Lachesis and Virus on
some variables of growth and infection control for SCMV in sorghum plants. 4 dinamizations of
Lachesis (6CH, 12CH, 24CH and 30CH) and 4 dinamizations of Virus (3CH,6CH, 12CH and
30CH) were used, including control (water) for both drugs. The application of Lachesis and Virus
improved the general conditions of the plants in practically all the studied variables when it is
compared with the control. Dinamizations 30CH of Lachesis and Virus induced the best results.
Control was the treatment that presented the most negative results. Results suggest that Lachesis
can be an alternative for agricultural use, reducing the use of chemical inputs and protecting the