Microbial efficiency

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Microbial efficiency

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Microbial Efficiency in Soil Treated with Homeopathy

F.M. Coutinho Andrade; V.W. Dias Casali; M.C. Megumi Kasuaya; P.R. Cecon

The efficiency of soil microorganisms was evaluated through the indicator metabolic quotient
(qCO2). The experiment followed the agronomic protocol of randomized blocks, with 3 replicates,
in split plots (days after treatment), 18 homeopathies plus a control. Homeopathies were: Sulphur
D12 and D201; Magnesium carbonicum D12, D30 and D201; Phosphorus D6, D12, D30 and D201;
Calcarea carbonica D30 and D201; Kali carbonicum D6 and D30; Solum unum D9, D30 and D201;
Silicea terra D201 and Carbo vegetabilis D30. The means of qCO2 (respiration rate of the soil per
microbial carbon) were grouped by Scott-Knott test at 5 % probability. The homeopathic remedies
did influence the stability of the soil system. Microbial efficiency was mainly decreased by
Magnesium carbonicum and increased by Solum unum, indicating the potential use of homeopathic
remedies in managing soil dynamics.