Agricultural production and potencies

Research papers concerning agrohomeopathy, homeopathy (if relevant), potentised BD remedies and so forth.
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Agricultural production and potencies

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Use of Ultra High Dilution (UHD) Therapies in Agricultural Production

Fabiola F. Schwartz*; Silva, Ana Maria Claro Paredes*

Currently, UHD therapies are used not only in organic productions, but also in conventional
farming/cattle-raising activities, because they do not leave toxic residues in food nor in the
environment, are more effective in some pathologies than allopathic curative agents, and also
because they cost less than conventional therapies.This article shows the producer’s point of view
concerning the advantages and disadvantages of using UHD therapies in farming/cattleraising
activities, as well as their demands towards homeopathy. Some homeopathic treatments for the most
common clinical findings in milk and aviculture production are related.The study concludes that the
host-parasite relationship and especially the physiological collection and expansion of endogenous
information disclosed by UHD therapies must be studied in the light of modern technologies,
thereby providing support to a new approach to diseases and the field worker’s clinical reasoning.