Post harvest bananas

Research papers concerning agrohomeopathy, homeopathy (if relevant), potentised BD remedies and so forth.
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Post harvest bananas

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SF Müller; APGS Wengrat; PA Favorito; MV Toledo; VM Fülber

ABSTRACT: The banana constitutes an important source for human consumption due
to its nutritional value, varied forms of consumption and good market acceptance, thus
becoming one of the most consumed fruits worldwide. It is considered a highly
sensitive fruit post-harvest, requiring safe and efficient alternative to a maximum
extension of shelf life. This study aims to evaluate the quality and postharvest banana
treated with homeopathic medicines: Arsenicum powers in 6, 12, 18, 24 and 30CH and
Phosphorus in the same potencies, also including water, water-alcohol solution and
hypochlorite, therefore 11 treatments with six replications. The bananas were
individualized selected and performed washing. Then the fruits were immersed for one
minute in a solution containing treatment (1 ml/1000 ml) and sequence wiped with
paper towel. They are kept in trays on bench and evaluated daily for 12 days. We
evaluated the staining and the severity of disease, being transformed into this data area
under the disease progress curve (AUDPC). The results showed no statistical difference
between treatments for both variables.

Keywords: Homeopathy, Musa paradisiaca, maturation