Lettuce and remedies

Research papers concerning agrohomeopathy, homeopathy (if relevant), potentised BD remedies and so forth.
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Lettuce and remedies

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MW Pedrosa; HEP Martinez; MAN Sediyama; VWD Casali; MCM Fonseca; MP Torres

ABSTRACT: The study aimed to evaluate the effect of spraying with homeopathic
preparations and calcium source on vegetative characteristics and the occurrence of
tipburn in two lettuce cultivars, smooth and crisp, hydroponically grown in the spring.
The trial was set up on subdivided plots. The treatments were foliar sprayed with
calcium nitrate (0.04M); Calbit C 0.75%; Chelal Ca 0.75%; Calcarea carbonica C6;
Calcarea phosphorica C6 and distillated water as control and as subplots were, the
lettuce cvs. Brasil-303 and Lucy Brown. The trial was set on randomized blocks with 3
repetitions. Two visual samplings were made on the plants to evaluate tipburn. The
harvest occurred at the 41th and 46th days after seeding. Results of experiment were
evaluated statistically using Tukey and Dunnett tests. At harvest, three plants were
evaluated for each genotype within each treatment. Promoted the variance analysis and
testing medium. The commercial product Chelal Ca in the concentrations used,
provided blight, does not show adequate for these cultivars. The spraying of Ca Chelal
0.75% caused injuries in the shoots. Spraying with Calbit C 0,75%, Chelal Ca 0,75%
and Ca(NO3)2 resulted in greater NPLQ cv. Lucy Brown. The cv Brasil 303 presented
NPLQ and intensity of burning superior to cv Lucy Brown. Spraying with Calcarea
phosphorica C6 in cultivar Brasil 303, provided lower intensity burns compared to
control in the second evaluation. This result shows that homeopathy has the potential to
reduce the incidence of tipburn but further studies should be conducted ascertaining
dynamizations and other homeopathic preparations.

Keywords: Lactuca sativa L., calcium, homeopathy.