Carbo v and Nat m on photosynthesis

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Carbo v and Nat m on photosynthesis

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INFLUENCE OF HOMEOPATHIC SOLUTIONS Carbo vegetabilis and Natrum muriaticum ON PHOTOSYNTHETIC VARIABLE OF Salvia hispanica L.

B Reis;CO Martendal; AC Tormena; CRP Lopes; NRC Soares; KSM Mourão,CM Bonato

ABSTRACT: Salvia hispanica L. (Chia) is currently considered important in food. Its
seeds have high nutritional value. Homeopathy is an alternative for use in plant
cultivation. Despite the positive practical results obtained so far little is known about the
physiological role of homeopathy in plants. This experiment aimed to study the
influence of homeopathic solutions Carbo vegetabilis and Natrum muriaticum in gas
exchange variables in S. hispanica L. Plants of S. hispanica were grown in pots (3L) in
greenhouse conditions. Weekly plants received 250 mL of homeopathic solutions C.
vegetabilis and N. muriaticum the dynamizations (6, 12, 18, 24 and 30CH) in the
proportions of 1 mL L-1. Net CO2 assimilation rate (A), transpiration rate (E), CO2
intracellular concentration (Ci) and instantaneous carboxylation (A/Ci) using IRGA
(Infra Red Gas Analyser - ADC Pro) were determined at the vegetative stage (43 days
after sowing). In general, the treatments affected the photosynthetic variables of S.
hispanic L. demonstrating the great potential of homeopathic drug in plants.

Keywords: chia, medicinal plant, plant physiology.