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DOK analysis (German)

Posted: 25 Aug 2016, 16:02
by Mark
Welche landwirtschaftlichen Anbausysteme fördern das Bodenleben?

The short article summarizes the results of the long term trial (DOK) in Switzerland with is running since 1978. The DOK-trial analyses the impact the soil organisms of the five farming systems namely D-biodynamic, O-organic, K-conventional (organic and mineral fertilizer), M-conventional (only mineral fertilizer) and N-control without fertiliser …

This unique long-term field experiment (continuous since 1978) near Basel one can compare organic and conventional farming methods
over a 7-year crop rotation. The farming systems have different effects on soil life. In particular, the organic methods promote the quantity, activity and diversity of soil organisms. With the development of new methods are more knowledge gains
become possible.

Andreas Fliessbach, Paul Maeder, Jochen
Mayer, Fritz Oehl, Lukas Pfiffner, Martin Hartmann and Franco Widmer