500, enzymes and pumpkins

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500, enzymes and pumpkins

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The effect of horn-manure preparation on enzymes activity and nutrient contents in soil as well as great pumpkin yield

Abstract: This investigation was inspired by an increasing global issue on how to improve soil quality while using alternative preparations instead of synthetic fertilizers. The main aim of a three-year study was to investigate the influence of horn-manure preparation on enzyme activity and nutrient content in soil and pumpkin yield. The results showed that significantly higher amounts of P (respectively 106 and 79 mg kg-1 CAL), K (149 and 106 mg kg-1 CAL), nitrogen (5.41 and 3.21 mg kg-1), ammonia- cal nitrogen (9.38 and 3.45 mg kg-1) and mineral nitrogen (7.97 and 5.67 mg kg-1) were measured in the plots where the horn-manure preparation was used. A higher activity of the soil enzymes (urease activity was 1.93 times higher and the saccharase activity was 1.05 times higher) were identified with horn-manure. The average soil CO2 flux (Fc) value, when using horn-manure preparation (from 56 till 70 day), was significantly higher by 5.32% in the middle of the growing season. The yield of pumpkin was signif- icantly increased by 18% with horn manure treatments. Significant positive correlations were identified between pumpkin yield and urease activity, and saccharase activ- ity, as well as soil P and K.

Keywords: Chlorophyll index; Horn-manure preparation; Pumpkins; Soil enzymes