Sangiovese red wine

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Sangiovese red wine

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Characterisation of yeast microbiota, chemical and sensory properties of organic and biodynamic Sangiovese red wines

*Patrignani, F., Montanari, C., Serrazanetti, D. I., Braschi, G., Vernocchi, P., Tabanelli, G., Parpinello, Versari, A., Gardini F. & Lanciotti, R. (2016)

Wine quality is closely linked to the fermentation step, which is driven by the microbial ecology of grape and the use of selected microbial strains as well. The microbial species developing during fermentation determines the type and concentration of many substances, which contribute to the sensory properties of wine and its safety. In this view, the present work aims to characterise the yeast microbiota, chemical and sensory properties of Sangiovese red wines obtained from both biodynamic and organic agriculture. The natural yeast populations of grape musts and their evolution during spontaneous were monitored and investigated. In addition, the volatile composition, physico-chemical and safety features (ethyl-carbamate) and sensory properties of wines were evaluated. The results showed that the yeast population was mostly related to the grape management, i.e. organic or biodynamic, while the wine composition was mainly affected by the winemaking process, and then by the grape management.


Biogenic amines Grape microbial population Spontaneous fermentation Sustainable winemaking

• The vineyard management affected the grape yeast microbiota

• Wine volatile and sensory profile were affected by the winemaking management

• Wine from organic and biodynamic grapes were characterised by a low amount of biogenic amines