Thuja Occidentalis - Distressed after hot summer

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Thuja Occidentalis - Distressed after hot summer

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Hello Mark
We have a row of 10 very well established Thuja Occidentalis (15 years old) that were exposed to a very hot summer, and some of the foliage has browned.
In previous years they have not shown any signs of distress - I suspect it was a combination of not enough water getting to them and the number of days we had over 40 degrees.
One has died and we would very much like to help then others so they don't experience the same fate.
I am homeopath but have no knowledge or experience in the area of plants. Would you be able to suggest a remedy for these plants?

regards Christine
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Re: Thuja Occidentalis - Distressed after hot summer

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Dear Christine

I also have not much experience in this area, just as a reminder that this is a very new discipline so my answers are tentative. I also want to hear back if these suggestions bring any success so we can answer the next person with a little more confidence.

I'd suggest remedies from the materia medica that suffer from lack of water: China comes to mind. I'd also consider Carbo veg as at least one of your trees has died and I assume that this means the others are really stressed.

One person had a dying thuja hedge and tried thuja. "I used Nat-Mur, also a 30C on a tall Thuja hedge that had suffered from salt splashing during the winter. The council had put salt down on the roads and the rain/melting snow/salt residue had been splashed up by traffic onto its lower growth, which had resulted in blackening and thinning. Once I saw new growth, I put down 'its constitutional' (Thuja!) to consolidate. The hedge is fine now. (ARH 19-8-10)."

And I would do what you can to assist the plants with more general gardening work - mulching the bare soil around the plants, and seeing if you can water in the evenings on those hot days.
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