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algae in the irrigation pond

Posted: 19 Aug 2008, 20:21
by drcato
Has anyone had any experience with homoeopathic treatment for algae in an irrigation pond or hydroponic system?

Posted: 20 Aug 2008, 19:26
by Mark
Hello Dr Cato

I have used one in our sewage ponds. I'm assuming that your issue is that you have algae and you would like to not have algae. Our situation was different. I wanted to try and assist the pond to bear an organic load and the algae are an important part of that digestive capacity.

In anthroposophical terms we tried to mitigate the astral by boosting the etheric. Which means we wanted to stop it smelling by increasing the capacity for life - making it more aerobic.

I used E7 as it is called in the UK - from BdMax.

Results? Well it has not smelled nearly so much this year but the conditions have not been very similar to the same time last year: it has been an appalling summer this year - so much rain and it's still raining now. However the organic load has been pretty much the same so I would say that I am encouraged but cannot say for sure that the preparation was the crucial variable.

Posted: 20 Aug 2008, 19:27
by Mark
... also you could have a look at the German preparation called BiPlantol Aqua. I tried this one year, but also without clear results.