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ATTRA guide

Posted: 30 Dec 2013, 10:07
by Mark
Attached is a sheet put out by Steve Diver when he was part of ATTRA. It offers an introduction to biodynamics.

Re: ATTRA guide

Posted: 30 Dec 2013, 12:07
by Skalman
It can also be found at ATTRA, along with many other of Steve Diver's texts: ... hp?pub=290

I also stumbled (again) on AgWeb, a resource by Steve Diver for locating information on agriculture:

However I have barely used it. I mainly and plainly use Google for searches. I must give AgWeb a new try sometime. Did you Mark or anyone else try the AgWeb way for locating information?

Re: ATTRA guide

Posted: 30 Dec 2013, 12:23
by Mark
Thanks for that link Anders. It sure looks a useful place to try and find what has already been done.

Re: ATTRA guide

Posted: 04 Feb 2014, 10:13
by alex111
Thanks for that link Anders