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Posted: 28 Nov 2008, 22:10
by GT
Homeopathy and Radiaesthesia

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by Gina Tyler DHOM
The Mystery Of Morphogenesis: How the Actual Forms of Living Things Come Into Being
What controls the homeostatic principle of life? What force animates matter? To be "alive", what does that mean? What are these invisible forces? These questions have always been debated. Can we find the mysteries of life under a microscope? For instance, health and disease have been 100% misdiagnosed by modern allopathic MDs, looking with their noses under their microscopes. Viruses, bacteria, cell destruction, atom and gene manipulations are all tackled with a limited perspective. A world full of linear and analytical thinking.

There is a bioenergetic phenomenon of inter-connected forces mentioned in "the Tao of Physics". An interface between quantum physics and the ancient cosmology of the Chinese ying/yang. This interaction of western and eastern cultures brings us to how this bioenergetic field relates to all living matter. Modern science has somewhat caught up to these mystic forces, having to acount for unexplained energies.

Human knowledge is limited and efforts are made to unravel the mysteries of nature, including the healing arts. In India's ayurveda, there is a system based on Sankhya that deals with dualism; two realities called prakriti and purusa. Disturbances can occur in this equillibrium. As Hahnemann said in the Organon of Medicine - "It is the morbidly affected vital force that produces disease."

Homeopathy is a method of healing the mind, body, and soul via means of energy. The homeopathic remedies resonate various frequencies of vibrational energy (bioenergy). Allopathy is a purely physical application of treatments. This limits its span, depth, and level of interaction, such as: inherited traits, past trauma, dream states, internal spiritual conflicts, miasmatic imprints and emotional imbalances.

Homeopathy is thought to be only a placebo; modern machinery cannot measure the contents of a homeopathic remedy, for instance: belladona 200c is harmless and has no side effects and yet the physical properties of the fresh belladona herb are a few of the most deadly toxins on earth. By the succusion methods of prepairing homeopathic remedies, other vibrational levels are reached. There are vibrational levels in all organic life forces. A homeopath, Dr. Grimmer, remarks, "there is something beyond all the material things we see around us. Homeopathy reaches up into other planes; mental and spiritual. That is why it cures. That is why it can wipe out inherited conditions."

"In the state of health the spirit like vital force (dynamis) animating the material organism reigns in supreme sovereignty."- Quote from Samuel Hahnemann -"The Organon".

Radiaesthesia goes one step further. This subject has always caught my attention. Starting with the place I was born in Java, Indonesia. Many medicine men and shamans were called upon for healing. These healing extraordinary powers of super energy surges, being able to have effects on others without being present in the same room or the same town. Via meditation this energy can be accessed by these experienced healers.

No special tools, no harmful prescription drugs, only the transfer of energy. This also has been used in negative ways, such as the methods of voodoo in Haiti, which were made from the hair of the person that was to be affected. Radiaesthesia needs no meditation, no spells, no shamans with magical powers, but it works on the same level. Homeopathic radiaesthesia must be done by an experienced homeopath. The patient must be asked the same tedious questions sometimes taking up to 2 hours each case. Questions regard their physical ailments, it's symptoms, modalities, mental, emotional, sleep states, dreams, eating likes and dislikes, traumas, family disease history, sexual habits, inherited traits (miasms), fears, and of course the objective observance of the patient (physical characteristics, nervous habits, odors, facial notations, tongue and nail, diagnosis, etc.).

After the entire case has been researched then the constitutional remedy can be found. From this constitutional remedy it's satelite remedies compliment and the patients miasmatic pre disposed background appears. Radiaesthesia uses the patients own hair to transmit the energy from one location to another. (Photographs or finger nails can also be used.)

As in ancient cultures hair and nails were considered the same as the person it came from, holding the same aura and vibrational patterns. American Indians are cautious about having their photos taken due to the belief that ones soul is now partly in the picture. How does a homeopathic treatment given on a photograph reach the owner? There is no difference between a photograph and the person, the frequency (wave length) of energy in its aura is the same. (The same applies to a person's signature.) Some can see these auras and most of us cannot. Auras change colors when a person is ill from an emotional or physical disease.

American Indians of many tribes still to this day have the belief that part of them is in the photo when it is taken of them. It's thought to be a mere superstition. Yet these Indians have had this "knowledge" for thousands of years. How did they come across this information? By ancestors? By trance? In Princeton University 1951, Curtis Upton, a civil engineer, and Howard Armstrong industrial chemist did many studies on the use of photographs and agriculture to control pests.

The theory behind the system was so bizarre, they said that the molecular and atomic make up on the photograph would resonate at identical frequencies of the objects that they represented pictorially. So by affecting the photograph with pesticides they believed the actual plants would be poisoned. (Used in infintesimal doses like homeopathy.) And it worked.

All of this may sound farfetched, but it has all been tested on many cases. B.Jain Publishers located in New Delhi has lists of examples of cured cases of cancer, abnormal lumps in abdomen, leprosy, rheumatic fever, epilepsy, uterine hemorrhage, high blood pressure, asthma, polio, heart palpitations, etc.. Most of these recorded cases of homeopathic radiaesthesia were done from 1969 thru 1972.

In most of these recorded cases, instant results appeared (4-10 minutes). A reaction of some sorts to confirm the correct remedy and/or correct potency of this remedy.

Homeopaths will agree that to find the correct potency requires study and time of trial and error. So the theory and mechanism of radiaesthesia via hair transmission proves beneficial confirming the potency and/or remedy choice instantly to follow up with future oral dosing of that same formula.

In the first stages of my study on hair tranmissions using homeopathy years ago, I used my son as an experiment, wanting to see for myself if this all really works. To keep it simple, I used my son's acute symptom of epistaxis (bleeding from the nose).

From previous homeopathic dosing, I already knew what remedy to give him to stop the bleeding. I proceeded to pluck one hair, with the root, from his head, placing it in a small dish with a few drops of water and the homeopathic indicated remedy (root end in the solution). All the while he was in another room. I noticed an immediate response from him yelling, "My nose stopped bleeding!". I made a notation of the fact and then I continued to try it in reverse (which is not normally done), taking the hair out of the solution and cleaning it off.

He immediately started to panick and blood proceded once again. Normally a homeopath would give an oral dose immediately after confirmation of radiaesthesia hair transmission to continue the healing process.

Ancient approaches of balancing energy... the Chinese call it ch'i, the Hindus call it prana, homeopaths and quantum physics call it vital force.

1- Low frequency electromagnetic field.
2- Nonelectrical subtle energy field (ch'i - the universal life energy).

Disharmony can happen at any level beyond the physical, such as in the etheric, astral, and mental levels. For example: the astral body experiences expression and repression of emotion. This dysfunction can cause an imbalance in the physical body (illness).

Consciousness is a type of energy. Using insight to reach higher frequencies, it can interact with its environment in several dimensions. (including in its dream state.) Modern allopaths do not address multidimensional humans (only the physical). This is why forms of energy healing such as accupuncture, reiki, balancing of chakras, prayer, chanting, and now homeopathy are looked upon as a rebalancing of blocked energy instead of surpressing via invasive surgery and toxic drugs.

An illness is also looked at from another perspective such as a life style change, a transformation to move our consciouness, or a learning tool/gift.

To be threatened by a terminal disease, one taps into negative and positive energy. One can escalate fear, then death. The other , peace and healing.

As I observed in India, the homeopathic cancer patients are never told that they have the disease. Where the mind goes, the body will follow.

Homeopathy works on all of these subtle levels, most of which we do not understand. My favorite experiment is that of my own solution for car motion sickness. Over an over I have personally experienced an instant relief of headache and nausea by just holding a homeopathic remedy in my left hand. For the acute illness motion sickness there is no need to swallow pills.

Radiaesthesia can also be done with color therapy, gem therapy, and magnetic therapy. These are all forms of vibrational energy. In 1967, Dr. Bhattacharya of Calcutta, a homeopath from India, did extensive research on these other forms of radiaesthesia. Using photographs, he said, "Stop and think... realize we all are actually an individual with no replica on this entire earth. This is indisputable, thus a photo bears all his personal characteristics."

Every living being is radiating at a particular frequency. That is why their features are different from another person. This frequency does not change throughout his life, from young, to old. That is why when several people have the same illness, several individual remedies must be given according to their own separate vibrational identity.

In allopathy the same prescription drug is given to thousands with like illness. This makes no sense unless we as humans were all "indentical in everyway". And we know this is false. Nature heals with a minimum of matter, yet with maximum effect. Nature uses subtler forces to reach our energy fields and our energy body. Curing did not mean the mere treating of the visible body.

The Mystical Properties of Hair:The relationship between separated hair and the body. Ritual shaving of a child's hair...Why some cultures place hair in a sacred place... An imbalance of any illness shows in the hair itself. For instance: a homeopath can look at Alopecia Areatta and relate this to the syphlitic miasm. Placing human hair in any garden keeps away the neighborhood cats. Animals feel the presence of the owners via the The Chinese burn human hair into an ash to stop bleeding. It works, but why and how?

In some cultures hair from all family members are used to create intertwined art pieces as keepsakes for bonding purposes. As long as the owner of the hair itself is still alive, the hair obtained for transmission purpose has all its energetic properties needed.

Kirlian photographs show the same auric field in attached or detached hair, nails, and limbs of any human being. These photos take pictures of the aura, corona discharge, or prana, all are one and the same.

Transmission of HomeoDrug energy from a Distance - By Dr. B Sahni
Unfathomed Regions of Homeopathy - By Dr. S. Alam Bihabi
Bioenergetic Medicines East and West - By Manning and Vanranen
Teletherapy - By Dr. A.K. Bhattacharya
Vibrational Medicine - By R. Gerber MD
The Power of Rays - S.G.J. Ouseley



This article will be submitted in: (jan/feb 2009)

Research Institute of Sahni Drug Transmission and Homoeopathy.
a journal titled “Journal of Homoeo Transmission” from January. Articles on classical homoeopathy and experiences in Drug Transmission are welcome for the first issue of the journal.

Re: Looking for Proof

Posted: 29 Nov 2008, 08:27
by Mark
Ed wrote:If you get little or no results when using radionics, the reason is that you don't fully understand this technology and therfore are not using it properly.
I think you are right. Another reason for caution perhaps and education definitely. Actually since my posts earlier in this thread I have been working with all of this and getting some really encouraging results. I think I'm coming on board...
Ed wrote: Remember, big business and government do not want it to work.
So 'more power to your elbow' making it work Ed. Let us know if you do any work with plants and soils please.

Posted: 29 Nov 2008, 08:30
by Mark
Thanks Gina - interesting. I find myself attracted in equal parts to the practice (just getting on with it) and to the theory. I hope it is clear that the impulse for the Considera project is to shine light onto such issues as your article raises so that we can act better - be better healers for the Earth.

Posted: 29 Nov 2008, 11:24
by Ed

Thank you for the article. Well stated.


What machine or system of radionics do you use? I use the double dial system of radionics. This system was begun in the early 1900's but perfected by Hieronymus in the 1940's through 1980's until his death in 1988. Much, much research was done by him and others during this time. I actually have one of his early machines built in the late 40's (one of only 25 built). Much of the research was about agriculture and he published a manual called the "Cosmiculture Manual" listing thousand of double dial rates for plants, animals, soils etc. This system is very simple and very effective in creating change in these systems. For example: PH of soil is easily adjusted. One thing to always keep in mind when trying to correct something that you percieve as not healthy. You must detect the imbalance in the energy field and use whatever radionics application necessary to bring this back into balance. For example: If a crop is infected with an insect pest don't just try to poison off the insect. This won't fix the problem. You must dectect what imbalance in the energy field of the entire agricultural plot exists and then proceed to bring this into balance. Then the crop will come into health and the insect will have no effect and either leave or die. In other words, find what condition(imbalance) is causing the poor health in the first place. This is easily done with the double dial system but a bit more tedious and time consuming when using the base ten system that is popular in the UK. But either system is good. Many radionics practitioners are still trying to treat the symptoms of the disease instead of treating the cause. This is how modern medicine approaches healing and this is why they have such a difficult time. REMOVE THE CAUSE AND THE SYMPTOMS WILL GO AWAY. Cancer is easily treated this way. Cancer is a symptom. Remove the cause and the cancer goes away.

Hope this helps.

Posted: 01 Dec 2008, 22:46
by Mark
Ed wrote: Mark, What machine or system of radionics do you use?
I don't use radionics per se, but I have been trying to see if I can get a grasp of using the message or information in the homeopathic remedies without the material base. I have done this by going out and playing using just me and my faculties. It feels a little strange going out and - well - talking to the plants and soils but I figure there's no other way of realizing if this is what's being carried by the remedies or the radionic broadcast. I'm not sure of the ratio of method and madness here, but I like to think it's an extension of the research.

Posted: 03 Dec 2008, 11:14
by Ed

Communicating with plants, soils etc. is not silly at all. That is the beginning of learning radionics. This (of course) is refered to as dowsing. When I was learning radionics my teacher had me plant flowers for her but I had to ask each one where it wanted to be planted, which direction it wanted to face, etc. I was astounded at the results. I found some plants didn't like each other and didn't wanted planted near each other. This I found amusing. At the end of the day I was getting tired and just wanted to finish (I thought the whole thing was silly) so I planted the last few dozen plants quickly without asking them if was OK. Well... the next day those last few dozen plants were wilted, stunted and hadn't grown even one mm but all of the others had doubled in size overnight. So now I always pay attention to the conscious beings all around me and always respect them and ask them for their opinion and thank them often no matter what I am doing.

Press on...nothing takes the place of persistence!

Posted: 05 Dec 2008, 22:45
by Mark
Thanks Ed. I'll keep on with it.

Posted: 28 Apr 2009, 20:41
by SV_I
Hi Ed
I saw something intresting in your post
Ed wrote: ...... I use the double dial system of radionics. This system ............
Could you provide me some more information about the double dial system of radionics?
Do you have some book, paper, or file.pdf where I can read and learn something about it? It could be very nice!
Ed wrote: .......Much of the research was about agriculture and he published a manual called the "Cosmiculture Manual" listing thousand of double dial rates for plants, animals, soils etc. This system is very simple and very effective in creating change in these systems.........
Where can I find this "Cosmiculture Manual"?

Your answer will be very usefull, i am working with farmers and some of them are intresting to find a way to improve the quality of harvest without using chemical solutions. Then if you can tell me something more about the "double dial system of radionics" and the "Cosmiculture Manual" it wil be very very nice and usefull for many people.


Posted: 14 Mar 2011, 13:55
by samlauncher
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Posted: 14 Mar 2011, 14:12
by Mark
... for ... ? .... what in particular? Radionics?